What is the meaning behind the name R3 Files? What is the rationale that explains R3, and how does it relate to listeners on a personal level? And more importantly, what is the "Success of Failure" and why the interest?

The Story Behind R3 Files.

Essentially, the name of the podcast “R3 Files” provides overall structure and a reference point for all content material, but the name R3 has a direct link to the framework of Alternative Viewpoints which forms the very foundation of the podcast itself.

Furthermore, the unique selling point of this podcast is the embedded title, “The Success of Failure”. This forms a core principle of this podcast, due to its pivotal role in creating new direction from old endings.



The “Success of Failure” derives from the concept of “Self” or the essence of each individual and helps us visualize the broader framework of “Alternative Viewpoints”. Hence, a prerequisite to engage this conceptual framework is the concept of “Otherness”. I aim to introduce my own perspective on “Otherness” based on deeply personal experiences which stem from long standing mental health conditions.


In addition, the concept of failure will form a core principle of this podcast, due to my own experiences of dealing with failure, and its role in guiding and shaping new direction in my life. In particular, how failures represent pathways to new beginnings by moving from one life stage to another. A clear reminder to us all, that growth and transformation (although traumatic) represent liberation from the “Self” through the interconnection of endings and beginnings.


Furthermore, a broader objective of the R3 files podcast will be to help audiences rethink mainstream discourse and ongoing narratives. This involves adopting a new framework, from an “Alternative Perspective”, in other words offering a new approach by re-thinking existing norms and values. This represents a key element of the podcast, by tackling pre-conceIved beliefs, to raise greater awareness and provide more informed decision making. I will explain how alternative perspectives can be employed to challenge various forms of misinformation within a wide range of subject matter including: topical issues, health, lifestyle, socio-economic conditions and philosophical viewpoints to name a few.

Who Should Listen To The R3 Files Podcast?

Ultimately, my core message aims to speak uniquely to each listener with the aim of intertwining their journeys with my own. This requires a sense of balance, a mirrored connection between the two parts because one cannot exist without the other. Many of my episodes will incorporate a personal perspective as well as an “Alternate Perspective”.

Reaching out to ‘Others’:

The “Success of Failure” represents a core world view which will resonate with those individuals:

– That are drowning in emotional pain

– Perhaps feeling confused or isolated due to mental health conditions

– Have been ‘othered; or rejected for various reasons

– Have lost direction or their sense of life purpose

– Have been crushed by rejection or humiliation

– Have lost connections

 – Or, have simply been left behind by the tectonic shifts of a globalized world

Join host Raimar, to inspire a unique listening experience and forge new beginnings from the dying embers of the past!