The R3 Files Podcast hosted by Raimar represents unique listening from an ‘Alternative Perspective’. It aims to provide a forum for alternative viewpoints by traversing new pathways from the dying embers of the past. Listeners are encouraged to correlate their own personal experiences thereby creating a heightened sense of inner understanding.

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Meet Your Host!


I was born and raised in the UK and I spent the majority of my life living and working in the West Midlands, which is in Central England. In terms of career experience from the UK, I have a broad commercial background ranging from: newspaper advertising, franchise operations and self employment as a proprietor within the commercial printing and B2B Solutions sector. In addition, from Canada: as a crisis responder for Victim Support Services, an ancillary agency for the Provincial police service. Also as a creative writer/digital content editor and more recently as host for an internet based, talk radio network.

Furthermore, I am a committed mental health conditions advocate. My main focus being, the “de-humanization” of depression – specifically; human disconnect, lost connections, social isolation, loneliness and solitude. Therefore, as a writer, researcher and host for the R3 files podcast, one of my key objectives is to provide support to listeners on a wide range of mental health issues. This is achieved by delivering powerful and engaging content, with empathetic thoughts that speak uniquely to each listener. This vision and clarity is drawn from a diverse, life-learning experience and aims to be truly transformative in scope.